Information about Auction

On January 17, 2019, the XXVIII International Auction of Precious Oak Wood will take place

The voliume of oak wood available for sale is 1,400 m3 and include 550 m3 of veneer quality. The wood comes from the following forestry districts: Krotoszyn, Piaski, Jarocin, Taczanów, Czerniejewo, Grodzisk, Pniewy, Karczma Borowa, Sieraków and Kolo.

The raw material will be available for viewing beetween 14-16 January 2019 on four exhibition grounds:

  • forestry at Jelonek and Sokołówka, Nadleśnictwo Krotoszyn, tel.62 / 725 32 69;
  • exhibition ground in the village of Biadki near Krotoszyn;
  • forestry school Dąbrowa, Nadleśnictwo Pniewy, tel. 61/29 364 20.


The locations of the exhibition grounds where teh viewing is possibile are presented below on the Google map.

The auction will be held at the Wawrzyniak Hotel in Perzyce (3 km from Krotoszyn in the direction of Wrocław), tel. (62) 721 43 00.

Company registration from 8:00, the beginning of the auction at 9:00.

The auction catalog containing the characteristics of individual pieces of wood raw material and the regulations of the auction will be published from January 10, 2019 at, and will be available from January 14, 2019 on all exhibition grounds.

Detailed information is available at the office of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Poznań, tel. 61/8668241 and in the Forestry Offices: Krotoszyn, tel. 62/7253268 and Pniewy, tel. 61/2936420.